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Smart Chair

Passenger / Patient Transportation

W2000 is the pinnacle of wheelchair development, changing the face of mobility as we know it. For over a century the basic design of wheelchairs has been the same, but now the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 is bringing mobility chairs into the modern age of technology. A Smart Wheelchair combines the practicality of a wheelchair with the current ingenuity of robotics to provide comfort, mobility and independence like never before. The sleek design, practical components and easy-to-use software mean that the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 and its multitude of uses is ideal for utilisation not only for personal use, but also for places like healthcare facilities and airports.  

w2000 wheelchair.jpg

A Smart Wheelchair like the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 might seem strange – after all, what improvements could a wheelchair possibly needs? However, the many functions of the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 answer that question: 

  • Assisted driving 

  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance 

  • Fall prevention 

  • Speed assistance 

  • Automatic breaking 

  • Indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation 

  • Quick assembly and disassembly 

  • Voice prompts 

  • Terraine change or drop detection 

With a simple scan of a QR code, the user can connect to UBTECH Intelligent Healthcare Cloud Platform; a specially developed interactive software platform that allows functions to easily be controlled from a smartphone device. Aspects such as navigation, speed control, control of doors & elevators and voice activation can be accessed with this easy-to-use software, making the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 an advanced interactive mobility device with many intelligent automated abilities.  

W2000 Wheelchair Airport

Where is W2000 useful?

The Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 has the potential to be used in public-service environments such as airports, hospitals and care facilities. 


In hospitals the use of a Smart Wheelchair has vastly improved care and safety of patients, especially the elderly and those with mobility difficulties. Actions such as assisting patients in opening doors and operating elevators, attending appointments and navigating the hospital or healthcare facility can be performed and aided by the automation software. By providing a passenger carrier able to carry out tasks automatically or easily controlled by a user, healthcare staff can be freed up to use their time elsewhere, lightening their workload and allowing them to focus on tasks that require their full attention.  


In care facilities a W2000 wheelchair can assist staff in the safe transportation of those in their care as well as allowing patients to travel with independence whilst granting carers the ability to remain aware of their location. The specialised fall prevention features of the Smart Wheelchair grant user safety without compromise, an obvious necessity when working with the elderly or infirm that cannot be promised by normal wheelchairs. 


In airports the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 is able to assist users in travelling long distances without getting lost. The innovative ‘scan-and-go' function means that passengers can locate and be transported to their required destination, all controlled by their own smartphone. Active obstacle avoidance means that the W2000 can detect and navigate around unexpected obstacles, offering safe transit for users whilst maintaining the safety of those around them. After use, the automatic robot return option then recalls the chair to its designated base, where it can be available for the next passenger.  

Thanks to the integration of technology and practicality, the next generation of wheelchairs is more than just intelligent – it is Smart. Smart Wheelchairs are here, and the Wheeled Passenger Carrier W2000 is leading the way.