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Medical science at it’s finest 

Medical practice requires efficiency, accuracy and dependability, which is exactly what the Medbot range provides. With leading android robotic technology and advanced medical knowledge, the Medbot series have been specifically designed to assist healthcare workers and create medical facilities with maximum impact. With the ability to perform a wide range of tasks from disinfecting surfaces or scanning a patient’s body temperature to providing exoskeletal assistance to children with motor-functional disabilities, the Medbot robot series can help treat patients and maintain a healthcare facility like never before. 

The extensive Medbot range contains some of the most ground breaking robotic technology available today. 


Medbot M-201 

The M-201 is a slick, streamlined device designed to assist doctors when assessing a patient’s health status. Able to scan the basic status of a patient, such as their body temperature, theMedbot M-201 can remotely communicate in real time with staff. Ideal for the contactless assessment of a patient, the M-201 can be an essential tool for dealing with patients with infectious conditions, protecting your doctors and staff from in-person contact. 

Medbot M-302

The Medbot M-302 is an automated materials delivery system that allows transportation of items such as medications and food to patients. By freeing up the time of porters and staff who would usually move these items around a healthcare facility to allow them to perform more complicated tasks, the M-302 also helps preventing these staff from encountering contagious conditions and passing them on to the next patient they visit. The M-302 also has a disinfecting system which helps it remain sanitary when moving from patient to patient. 



The Medbot Junior is one of the most advanced and impressive pieces of medical robotic technology available at present. An exoskeleton hand designed specifically for children, the Junior robot is used for the treatment of children with movement inhibiting neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy. The device is able to manipulate movement, grasp and range by receiving commands from the brain-computer interface developed for the purpose. Treatment using the Medbot Junior for children with Cerebral Palsy stimulates the brain neuroplasticity of patients, promoting the abilitation process and a long-term ability to recover.  


The Medbot Canyon is a humanoid robot designed for the handling of sensitive items. With five-fingered, hand-like graspers, the Canyon is able to perform accurate operations, grasp items from different angles and pick up even small objects. By preventing staff from coming into contact with biological wastes, contaminate items and harmful chemicals, the Medbot Canyon protects doctors and other healthcare staff from potential harm or infection. Able to lift weight up to 15kg with one hand and an operation distance of up to 100km, tasks can be carried out from a safe distance yet with as much accuracy as a human could provide. 



The Medbot Fedor is an advanced humanoid robot capable of replicating the movements of a remote operator from large distances. The anthromorphic design performs tasks with dexterity and accuracy equal to that of a human, in locations and conditions not suitable for people. Originally developed to assist with rescue operations in conditions too dangerous for human beings, the Fedor robot was sent to the International Space Station as part of a successful experimental endeavour. It’s ability to perform in such a way creates endless uses in endless scenarios, anything from using computers to handling dangerous materials and much, much more.  

The integration of robotic technologies with medical practice is changing the way healthcare looks today, and paving the way for a safer and more efficient medical facilities. Putting workers and patients first by working hand-in-hand with Medbot engineers means the future of medical care is already here.