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Mobility with You in Mind

Historically, the world we live in has overlooked the needs of those with disabilities and mobility difficulties. Hephaestus is here to make accessibility issues a thing of the past.

The most innovative wheelchair to date, Hephaestus is a ground-breaking vehicle adapted specifically to benefit anyone who struggles with their mobility. Painstakingly designed by a team of clinicians and engineers, the Hephaestus mobility vehicle ensures safety and comfort whilst offering independence to users. 

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Hephaestus and its 

verticalizer technology 

By granting its users not only the freedom of a standard mobility vehicle, but also the ability to raise themselves to a vertical, upright position, Hephaestus gives users a new level of accessibility unavailable until now. There are many day-to-day activities that those able to stand carry out without needing to think about, such as reaching items off a tall shelf or pressing high buttons in a lift or elevator. Those confined to a wheelchair or mobility device often have difficulty performing these tasks and for some, it is simply not possibly.


The ability to raise a user to a standing position removes these hurdles, granting more independence to live their life. Aside from the practical benefits of being able to rise to a standing position, there are many health-related benefits too. The vertical position of the body can normalise blood circulation, improve metabolism, stimulate the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and increase joint mobility. Providing and maintaining this range of support and mobility can prove a key method of preventing secondary conditions related to lack of movement. 

Who is the Hephaestus Wheelchair designed for? 

In order to create a safe robotic wheelchair suitable for all users, engineers and clinicians worked hand in hand to develop the hardware that allows Hephaestus to provide the range of motion it does. Clinicians have advised and overseen the creation of the Hephaestus wheelchair with all conditions and mobility issues in mind, such as: 

  • Cerebral Palsy 

  • Acquired or inherited paraplegia  

  • Traumatic brain damage 

  • Stroke consequences 

  • Muscle disorders 

  • Muscular dystrophy 

  • Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 

  • Spinal Malformation 

  • M. E. 

  • Age-related deterioration 

The Hephaestus wheelchair’s unbeatable qualities 

In order to grant its users the highest level of independence, a wheelchair needs to be versatile and adaptable. Hephaestus is just that. All aspects of a person’s needs have been taken into account when developing the Hephaestus wheelchair, meaning that its functions are designed specifically to provide maximum mobility to anyone. Some of the key functions that make Hephaestus so usable are: 

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 

  • Biomechanical chair structure with lower back support 

  • Travel speed of up to 9km per hour 

  • Load capacity of up to 140kg 

  • Travel range of up to 35km on one charge 

  • Head, arm and foot rests and shoulder and side stabilisers offering full bodily support 

  • Control Joystick 

  • Safety belts 

  • Practical rear-view mirrors, basket & LED light system 


Allow Hephaestus to revolutionise the way you travel and transform your independence. Contact us today for further information.

Hephaestus Features

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