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Meet NAO, the robot bringing the future to the classroom. 

Education is evolving and NAO is leading the way. The key to teaching is engagement and there is no better way to keep your students engaged than with a fully interactive robotic teaching assistant! Speaking 20 different languages, the NAO robot can be used in any classroom for any subject whilst keeping students focused and interested. The NAO robot features four omnidirectional microphones and two loudspeakers which allow it to converse with students, follow instructions and relay information, making it an unbeatable tool for the classroom. As an exciting, innovative way to pass on knowledge and learn new skills the NAO robot is preparing the new generation in unimaginable ways for the future they dream of. 

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What can the

NAO robot do? 

n an age where technology is evolving rapidly and is present in almost every aspect of modern life, it is important that our classrooms and educational facilities keep up. Young people are using technology more and more every day so incorporating this into a learning environment, you are bringing teaching into a new and dynamic era. 

The NAO robot is the leading robot in educational assistance, here’s why:  

  • Tried and tested, the NAO robot is proven to maximise student’s engagement and concentration

  • Able to interact in 20 different languages, NAO is being used in classrooms all over the world and is a fantastic aid in international schools

  • Expressive gestures and behaviours create a dynamic way to relay information and connect with students


The NAO teaching robot is proven to maximise all students’ learning experience. The endless possibilities NAO creates mean that learning is boosted for all types of students. 

For Primary Students: 

The NAO robot’s cute and engaging humanoid design creates a magical, memorable experience for primary ages students and young children. Whether it be reading a story of explaining new spellings, the exciting involvement of a robot in the classroom means that children retain and remember information that has been relayed to them in a new way. Being able to capture and maintain the attention of young students can sometimes be a battle but the NAO robot wipes out that challenge, captivating children and engaging them in a fun way to learn. 


For Secondary and High Education Students: 

Interactive lessons provided by NAO have proven to create greater participation amongst students in higher age groups. By encouraging students to engage in active learning the NAO robot maximizes the attention span of secondary school children, allowing them to retain more information. The easy ability to easily customise lessons and create a multidisciplinary approach to learning means that all subjects can benefit from having NAO in the classroom, transforming even the simplest of lessons into a unique and exciting learning experience that has students leaving the classroom feeling inspired and hungry for more! 


There are endless ways that NAO can enrich teaching, here are just some of the common activities in which teachers apply NAO to their lessons:

  • Story Reading 

  • Spelling Tests 

  • Teaching Programming 

  • Relaying topic information 

  • Quizzes and Knowledge-checks 

  • Dictating lesson notes 

  • International Language Classes 

  • Inspiring Interest in Robotics 

  •  Being simple to program allows teachers to easily prepare NAO for lesson

  • Customised content creation means that dynamic teaching activities are right at your fingertips and suitable not only for teaching groups but also for one-on-one learning

  • Creates a memorable classroom experience that stands out from average classroom practices

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For Special Educational Needs: 

Extensive research has allowed NAO to be developed as an ideal classroom support system for children with autism and special educational needs. By being neutral and non-threatening, NAO is a great way to relay information and lessons to children who might struggle in a standard learning environment, allowing the classroom to feel like a safe space to learn and minimise behavioural problems that commonly stem from problems interacting. Limitless patience means that NAO can offer continued support in difficult situations without becoming tired or frustrated. This type of perseverance has been proven to be key in helping students with specialised learning needs overcome shyness, develop interpersonal skills and confidence in interacting with others. 

For Programming and Technology Students 

In this era or technology there are endless careers and futures in programming and technology development. It is never too early to start teaching programming, and by starting kids young and encouraging them to develop their interest in technology and robotics you are helping to open up a world of opportunities. The easy-to-use programming interface that supports the NAO robot is the ideal place to start, and students can develop more and more advanced programming skills as they create more complex interactions with NAO. Seeing their progress come to life as NAO performs for them keeps kids wanting more and feeds their interest in computer programming, meaning that they will quickly pick up advanced programming skills without realising that they are learning! 

The possibilities are endless, and more and more teachers every day are discovering how the NAO robot can launch their classroom into a new world of opportunities. To create bright futures, we need to bring the future itself into the classroom, and NAO does just that. To find out more on how the NAO robot can benefit your teachers and students, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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