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Where Artificial Intelligence Offers Healthcare Solutions

Services and solutions; something every workplace cannot run without. We have seen a huge change in the way industries and companies operate since the outbreak of Covid-19, one of the most notable being the need for a reduction in face-to-face contact in order to avoid the spread of viruses and diseases. In a medical environment, it is important to protect the health of your workers, particularly in environments with an increased risk of infectious diseases. This is where your team of Temi AI staff members can offer a solution: serve your clients whilst protecting your staff. 

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Introducing Dr. Temi 

Temi’s service robot can be utilised as the ideal AI doctor, able to monitor health and wellness and identify basic problems. Perfect for use in medical facilities, nursing homes or health clinics, Temi can be linked with a cloud-based patient management system to help keep track of patients and ensure their best treatment. Thanks to a range of USB add-ons Temi can perform a variety of basic tasks that would usually be performed by a doctor, meaning that your staff can be free to handle more complicated conditions.  

These tasks include: 

  • Monitoring blood pressure 

  • Taking body temperature 

  • Checking blood glucose  

  • Reading blood oxygen levels 

  • Measuring weight & body fat 

  • Monitoring pulse rate 

  • Stethoscope listening 

  • Connecting to a doctor for a remote consultation via video link 


Temi’s medical appliance extends to more than just monitoring conditions, it can also be used as a screening process to assess the risk level of patients and clients carrying contagious diseases before exposing them to staff such as receptionists, nurses and doctors as well as other patients and people in the facility. This has already proven to be an unbeatable asset in the fight against the spread of illnesses.  

It isn’t just Temi’s diagnostic and health monitoring applications that are already proving to make a difference in medical institutions internationally. The robot itself has many practical aspects of its design that make it easy for staff to operate and is simple for even inexperienced technology users to operate. Features such as a 13.3” high-definition screen, 4G/5G sim networking, multiple USB ports and Android 11 operating system come together to grant users an unchallenging interaction with Temi whilst keeping them safe from risk.

TEMI Features

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