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Meet the Pepper Robot, the futuristic face of customer services available in the present. 

With the ability to interact with your customers, assist their needs and create a unique customer experience, Pepper is more than just a robot. Pepper provides a fully customisable point of contact for customers and clients that cannot be matched. Able to interact in more than 20 languages, provide graphic information on an interactive touch screen and link to online channels, the information available to your customers is unlimited. Equipped with four microphones, two HD cameras and a 3D depth sensor, Pepper can detect and respond to voice controls and body language appropriately. All this technology wrapped in an attractive humanoid robot means that your customers can engage with your business like never before. 

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So, what can the Pepper Robot do for you? 

Good customer service is the core of a successful company. Keeping customers happy, informed and engaged is key, and Pepper has developed with exactly this in mind. By having all your customer service needs available in one place, an efficient and streamlined experience is provided that is proven to benefit your company. Below are just some of the many ways that the Pepper robot can deliver the best service available. 

  • Proven to maximise customer’s attention and engagement with your company and services. 

  • Limitless information available to customers instantly. 

  • Multilingual abilities detect and respond to customers in over 15 languages. 

  • Facial and body language recognition allows Pepper to interact with customers based on their personal profile, such as age, gender, mood and excitement levels. 

  • Voice activation and interactive touch screen creates suitable accessibility for all users. 

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Why is the Pepper Robot so popular with everyone it interacts with? 

The unique shopping experience that the Pepper Robot provides has been so successful that it can be found in use in over 70 different countries worldwide. By locating and approaching customers, Pepper can offer its services, provide information and make recommendations in a fun and interactive way. Pepper’s ability to recognise faces, emotions and body language means that it can detect when a customer is in need of assistance and assess what it can do to help. Facial recognition technology also allows Pepper to generate potential leads and product recommendations by processing a customer’s demographic profile, based on aspects such as age, emotions and gender.  


What key roles can Pepper take on?

  • Receptionist or Greeter 

  • Salesperson 

  • Translator 

  • Visitor Identifier 

  • Entertainer 

  • Tour guide 

  • Brand Ambassador 

  • Ticket Sales 

Robot hand
  • Seamless dialogue creates flowing conversations that allow Pepper to interact with customers in a natural manner whilst relaying an abundance of company information, encouraging sales or answering questions. 

  • Can detect, locate and approach customers to offer services and conversation. 

  • Never gets tired or distracted, providing complete job focus and professionality at all times. 

  • Collects accurate customer data and feedback. 

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The ability to speak and communicate in so many different languages is a key factor in helping customers, making your company more accessible to a broader customer base. This means that conversation flows smoothly no matter where in the world you are, no matter where in the world your clients are from!


When visiting a location, customers might find it difficult to find an employee who speaks the same language as them. Pepper can easily bridge the gap and act as a translator, giving your customer all the information they need. 

As a salesperson, Pepper is able not only to tell your clients everything they need to know, but also display the images and information on its touchscreen. By upselling, cross-selling and advising on current special offers or discounts, the Pepper robot is able to maximise potential sales and revenue with every interaction.  


By creating a unique and exciting customer experience, you are certain that not only are your customers going to leave your store satisfied and entertained but will pass on their experience to others, creating free word-of-mouth advertisement for your company. Customers are also more likely to spend longer in your store or location so that they can fully explore Pepper’s functions and receive more information as a result.  

Pepper will launch your company into the future, maximise potential boost customer experiences. For more information on how the Pepper robot can become a valuable member of your team, contact us today!

Pepper Features

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