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Warehouse / Logistics Automation

How do you take the complex and make it simple? Easily.  

With Elite Collaborative Robot, even complicated tasks can be automated and performed with precision and effectiveness. The development of human-machine collaboration has transformed factories, production environments, chemical-handling processes and even medical treatments. By collaborating with robotic devices, human workers are now able to perform more complicated tasks with engineered assistance, resulting in more accurate outcomes, faster completion times and lightened workloads.   

At the forefront of human-machine collaboration is the EC robotic arm range. Available in three sizes, the range of tasks the Elite Collaborative Robot can perform is vast and its easy-to-use software developed specifically for the control of Elite Collaborative Robots makes the operating of an EC robotic arm accessible to anyone.  

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Workplaces can benefit from human-machine collaboration for a multitude of reasons, for example: 

  • Enhanced accuracy of task details 

  • Improved speed of task completion 

  • Reduction in opportunity for human error 

  • Performance of heavy-duty or strenuous tasks without risk of injury or harm to staff 

  • Lessoning the need for other tools or machinery 

  • Avoiding human-related issues such as fatigue, distraction, bathroom breaks, emergency days off or staff-shortages 

  • Ability to perform tasks in hard-to-reach areas and at all angles 

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The stable operation, flawless functionality, pinpoint accuracy and 360° axis are only a few of the aspects of the EC series of robotic arms that allow them to lead the way in the workplace. The choice of three size models with weight payloads varying from 3kg all the way up to 12kg and speeds of up to 2.0m/s means that the tasks the Elite Collaborative Robots are able to perform are of endless possibility. With Elite robots already in operation worldwide and with huge global companies such as Unilever, KFC, Toyota and Bosch using them, they have more than proven their effectiveness and efficiency. The possibilities are uncountable, but some ways in which the EC series of Elite robotic arms are already being utilised are: 

  • Packing and palletizing 

  • Product inspection 

  • Sensitive material handling 

  • Production line loading and unloading 

  • Screw tightening and loosening 

  • Item testing 

  • Disinfecting  

  • Gluing, sealing and painting 

  • Assembly 

  • Measuring 

  • Welding and soldering 

  • Picking and placing 

The adaptability of the EC series means that the duties it is being used for performing already range from palletizing engine parts to making milk teas. Regardless your industry, the benefits of an Elite Collaborative Robot are within an arms’ reach.

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