MAX 16 Bay

AIM 32 Bay

USB Sanitizing & Charging

Cart For Tablets & IPads

Cell phones are germ magnets at the best of times. With the spread of the virus, they’re a potential vector for infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises that the best way to prevent the virus is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Besides washing or Sanitizing our hands often, we should also Sanitize and disinfect the “high-touch surfaces” like our Cell phone daily.

Introducing the latest TRI 3-in-1 Mobile Sanitizing & Charging and Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Kiosk, it is a one-stop solution for Charging and Disinfecting your cell phones, as well as Sanitizing your hands at one single location. The TRI’s Rapid Sterilizers thanks to UV-C ultraviolet germicidal properties (against bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds & mites) provide a thorough Sanitizing and decontamination total mandatory on the cell phones in a short amount of time. Just a couple of steps, your cell phone is hygienically Sanitized and charged for maximum convenience.



AIM 32 Bay Sanitizing & Charging Cart for Tablets & iPads

– 32x Large Bay fit for all type of Tablets & iPad Pro
– UVC Sterilizer: 4x 8W UVC (Wavelength: 255nm) Light Tube
– Durations: Activated for 10 Minutes upon Closing of Cart Door
– Rated Voltage & Power : AC 100 ~ 250V / 10A with Surge Protection
– Charging Ports: 32 x USB 5V/2.4A Max Fast Charging
– Housing Material: 1.5mm Thick Cold-rolled Steel with Durable Powder-coating
– Casters: 4 x 2.5” High Quality Caster with Lock
– Dimensions: W640 x D540 x H780mm
– Weight: 28kg
– Optional – US, UK, EU, AU, South Africa Power Cord

Model No.: PL-UA32-Y2